Ken Hamilton

“I want my paintings to be contemporary and also timeless;
realistic yet representing an unreal world;
almost touchable but totally beyond our reach;
as plain as day but still mysterious.”

Ken Hamilton’s paintings do not  deal with the angst of an artist’s own soul or with the ‘human condition’ but rather seem to be a celebration of visual harmonies. In composition, colour and theme they shamelessly celebrate beauty, regardless of the current trend to malign it as a suitable subject for artists.  By pointing towards the flourishing of beauty  Ken Hamilton is also reminding us of it’s  fleeting nature, not to create in us a sense of despair but so that we may savour the moment and enrich our lives by taking our time and drawing our attention to it.

It is now over thirty years since Ken Hamilton first exhibited with the Eakin Gallery and throughout that period his paintings have gained a growing audience of admirers and collectors and have always been in demand. Having regularly exhibited in Belfast and Dublin he has also exhibited in London and New York with equal success.