Colin Flack

Colin Flack was born in 1973 in Co. Antrim.

A self-taught artist and like so many of his earlier peers which included Dan O’Neill, Gerard Dillon and George Campbell.  Colin has always had a keen interest in painting from an early age.

His progression in painting over the last number of years has earned him high acclaim resulting in sell out exhibitions throughout Ireland.

His paintings have a unique style depicting landscapes and seascapes around Ireland.  He has a great love of the countryside, which reflects within his work.  His use of oil combined with the pallet knife enables him to create a sense of movement and freedom, which is clearly defined in each painting.  His depth of oils creates a three-dimensional prospective to each painting.

Colin has a thorough understanding of oils.  Each painting offers a distinct blend of colour complementing particular scenes from the surrounding environment.

His work met with such high approval Colin was given a personal invitation to exhibit in Dublin 2005 in a private show with internationally acclaimed artists such as William Scott, J B Vallely, William Crozier, Neil Canning, Kevin Sharkey and Sean McSweeney to name but a few.

Over the last 3 years Colin has had 5 successive sell out exhibitions in Dublin, Cork and N.Ireland.  His work has now become highly collectable.

His work is held in private collections throughout the world including USA, Canada and Australia.